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How do I pay bills online using my Lana card or bank details?

To pay bills online for your service providers (for example: utilities, rent, phone plan, insurance, subscription services), you may be required to provide debit card details, or your bank account and routing numbers. For debit card online payments, you can find your Lana card number on the back of your Lana Visa Debit Card, along

Will my COVID Economic Relief Payment arrive earlier than the scheduled delivery date?

Lana’s partner bank, Green Dot will make your deposit available as soon as possible. Stimulus payments are not eligible for early direct deposit. Please visit for more information, or go to the IRS’s “Get My Payment” portal to check the status.   For security reasons, the IRS plans to mail a letter about the economic impact payment

How do I get my COVID Economic Impact Payment deposited to my Lana bank account?

With your Lana Account and Routing numbers (found in your Profile), you can register to get your Economic Impact Payment directly deposited in your bank account. The steps are different depending on your tax filing situation. Pick the one below that best fits you: I don’t need to fileI’m not required to file taxes No problem!

How do I set up early direct deposit for my Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment pay is a type of government benefit, which can be set up by calling the Treasury. Simply follow the steps below. Government Benefits Direct Deposit steps: Get your Lana Bank Account number and Routing number by logging into your Lana account and going to the Profile section.  Enroll with this information by calling the U.S. Treasury

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