How do I set up early direct deposit for my Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment pay is a type of government benefit, which can be set up by calling the Treasury. Simply follow the steps below.

Government Benefits Direct Deposit steps:

  1. Get your Lana Bank Account number and Routing number by logging into your Lana account and going to the Profile section. 
  2. Enroll with this information by calling the U.S. Treasury Electronic Payment Solution Center at (800) 333-1795.

?TIP ?Ask the benefits provider how long it’ll take them to set up your direct deposit. If it takes longer than expected to receive your first direct deposit on your account, check back with your benefits provider. Our partner bank, Green Dot Bank, does not have any information about your enrollment status.

Drop a line here 👉🏼 or give us a call at (888)-821-0212 📞 

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