How do I report a scam?

Man, that sucks! Here’s what you can do: Contact our banking support team at (844) 260-0909 to determine if you

How do I close my account?

Really sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving, but we wish you all the best! If you have any suggestions

Does the Lana Card offer joint accounts?

Not yet, but stay tuned! More exciting features are coming soon.

How do I get cash out of my account?

There are a couple ways to get cash out: 1. Avoid pesky fees when you withdraw cash at one of

How do I set or change the PIN on my Lana Visa® Debit Card?

To set or change your PIN, follow these steps: Log in to your Lana account, Go to Profile Then go

How do I find an in-network ATM?

To find a fee-free in-network ATM, follow these steps: Log in to your Lana account Go to Profile Then go

How do I set up early direct deposit for my Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment pay is a type of government benefit, which can be set up by calling the Treasury. Simply follow the

How do I get my COVID Economic Impact Payment deposited to my Lana bank account?

With your Lana Account and Routing numbers (found in your Profile), you can register to get your Economic Impact Payment directly

Will my COVID Economic Relief Payment arrive earlier than the scheduled delivery date?

Lana’s partner bank, Green Dot will make your deposit available as soon as possible. Stimulus payments are not eligible for

How to I regularly deposit money into my Lana Card account?

Direct Deposit – This is the best way to deposit money. You can deposit some or all of your paycheck each

How do I add money to my Lana Card?

No sweat! We have multiple options: ASAP Direct Deposit – This is the best way to receive your money regularly (and

Does my Lana Card account accept tax refund direct deposits?

We sure do! You just need your Routing and Account numbers while doing your taxes. You can find this info

What is ASAP Direct Deposit?

ASAP Direct Deposit means that you could get paid earlier than you can through other banks ? But, HOW?! Mind-blowing, right?

What types of income or benefits can be direct deposited to my Lana Card account?

We accept: Social Security benefits SSI (Supplemental Security Income) Pension payments Railroad Retirement Benefits (RRB) Defense Finance and Accounting Service

How do sign up for ASAP Direct Deposit?

We make setting up direct deposit easy for you. Payroll Direct Deposit steps: Ask your employer’s payroll office if they

I can’t log in to my Lana account, what do I do?

Having difficulty logging into the Lana app?. Here are some tips: Every time you log in, you will get a

How do I change my phone number?

If you have access to your prior phone number (required to log in to Lana) and phone, you can log

How do I download the app?

Lana is a “web app” at the moment (not in the app store). You access your Lana account from your

How long will it take to receive my Lana Visa® Debit Card?

Once you’ve opened your Lana banking account, you’ll receive your debit card in the mail within 7 business days. If

How do I activate my Lana Visa® Debit Card?

Now things get exciting! To activate your card, call the number on the card sticker (844) 311-2413, and follow the

How do I report my Lana Visa® Debit Card missing or stolen?

Can’t find your card? Immediately reach out to us at (844) 260-0909. Let’s get that card canceled and replaced as