Where can I find my account and routing numbers?

To find your account and routing numbers, follow these steps: Log in to your account Go to Profile Your account and routing number will be visible You can use this information to set up automatic bill payments (like rent) or transfer money into your Lana account from another bank account. Drop a line here ??Support@lana.com or give […]

Where do I go if I have questions about my card or transactions?

For questions related about your bank account, Lana Visa® Debit Card, or transactions, follow these steps: Log in to your account Go to Profile Then go to Get Help Choose the relevant topic Submit a ticket through the form provided Our partner bank will respond by email or call back as soon as possible. Drop a […]

What information do I need to provide to open an account?

To prevent identity theft and fraud, we need to be able to verify your identity with: Full name Physical address,

How do I check the status of my tax refund?

We do not have the status of your tax refund. However, you can get an update on the status of

Can I receive tax refunds for other people on my account?

No, you cannot direct other people’s refunds to your account or card. In accordance with IRS guidelines you can direct

If I direct deposit my tax refund, can I withdraw or spend it all at once?

The maximum you can withdraw from your Lana Debit Card at an ATM is $500 per day. ATM fees may apply.